Hydrogen and electromobility

Visite de 4 sites sur Nantes dans le cadre du projet SMILE

  • MuLTHy, a hydrogen production and distribution station for hydrogen vehicles, led by Semitan, with Nantes Metropole city, EDF, Eifer, ArevaH2Gen and Haskel partners
  • Deltagreen, the first positive energy service building in France equipped with a stationary hydrogen application, led by Galeo, with Armogreen (Legendre Energie), Powidan, Issol, Sillia and Solarwatt partners
  • E-busway, a high-level and high-capacity electric bus, led by Nantes Metropole city, with Semitan, ABB and Hess partners
  • The SMILE showroom, supported by the Brittany and Pays de la Loire Regions